What’s Next In Fitness

It seems like every week we are inundated with what is new.  The diets, the workouts, the systems and even the new equipment and while everything is changing it all remains the same.  It is no wonder that you, the consumer, can get confused but we are here to help and while some may argue with us, this is what we feel you should know about staying fit.

Your body needs a certain amount of vitamins, minerals, water and even calories to survive.  And there are certain things that your body doesn’t need as well, like excess anything but especially salt and sugar.  Most adults need somewhere between 1800 and 2200 calories a day to maintain their current weight.  That is with light activity, which is more than just sitting on the couch all day or sitting in front of you computer all day reading blogs!  If you have trouble getting up from the couch to go to the kitchen you should probably not be in the kitchen.  With moderate exercise, you can increase this calorie intake but not by much.  For example, an hour of moderate cardio activity might burn 300-400 calories, that would mean that you could eat an extra handful of your favorite flavored chips, or a 16 ounce full calorie soda.  If you are trying to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you eat, it is as simple as that.  All of these diets that tell you when to eat and how long to eat and what time to eat are just ways to keep you from eating too much, the calculation never changes, if you eat 2500 calories, you need to burn more than 2500 calories to lose weight.

Want to know what you are really consuming in calories, keep a food journal for a week.  Write down everything you eat and look at the labels to figure out servings and calories.  Our guess is that you are eating many more calories than you thought.  Then write down next to that for the same day what you are doing for exercise.  Walking somewhere, riding your bike, working out, running, gardening, mowing the grass with a push mower…..these are all considered calorie burning activities.

You can find places online that can give you approximate calories burned for different activities and calories of the food that you are eating and then do the math!  Are you burning more than you are putting into your body?  Keeping fit is a lifestyle and no diet or quick body change workout will ever change that.  If you want to become fit, you need to make the commitment to work exercise into your schedule on a regular basis, just like you work in eating lunch.

No matter what new exercise programs, diets, workout machines or other fads in the fitness industry, there will never be a substitute for eating healthy foods in moderation and getting exercise.  So get out there, we’ll see you out there!