HomeFitnessEquipment.org at the Arnold Sports Festival

This past weekend was the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH and we headed to it anticipating a great weekend.  We arrived on Friday morning and checked in early.  The Amateur Strongman Competition was in full swing.


While the name is Strongman Competition there were some very strong women and men moving huge amounts of weight.  It was great to watch and made the time pass quickly as we waited for the Expo to open up.  The place filled up quickly as the line was almost a thousand people long at the start.   This is Friday, the very beginning of the show and the place is already jumping.


And yes that is the original Hulk……. Lou Ferigno!  It was awesome to see him still in great shape.  Everyone was upbeat and it was great to talk to all the reps and some of the attendees.


Keep an eye out for announcements on new partnerships and new equipment being offered.  We are working every day to offer you the greatest variety of the best equipment and more online.


And what would a trip to the Arnold be without seeing the man himself?  The picture is blurry but it was tough to get through the 100 security guys and the 50 foot wide area they cleared for him to walk through.  But it was definitely him.



Look for additional posts in the next day or so.